Today as I see it from a personal view point

I was told today that this was Cliché and rather an unbelievable expectation of someone in a leadership role. Which is rather sad but I can see the reasoning behind with the way things are currently governmental wise. The world is in a rather shit pile mess, we have Japan dealing with their energy policies, we have us with the whole Ebola and other several different issues the length of the globe 10x fold, the ISIS fiasco the list goes on.

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Just mulling around……..

What has been going on this month? Not much, attempting to get the back lawn back under control and groomed before the onslaught of fall rain is heaped upon us. Got a new machine a 2.4 Quad core Media PC from gateway 4 gigs of ram, media slots, 2 DVRWs lightscribe and dual layer with […]

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Blah, depressed and sullen

1. Got the Cityscape that William Macphee did for the MegaTokyo204 Website into UE4 incomplete but within the editor.
2. Thru 2 Friends we have a number of weapons that need coding and maybe texturing.
3. We have at least 2 maybe 3 models to use in the map
4. Vehicles are there just not coded.

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Review – The Cute Girl Network

Jane was taken aback by this due to the time she has already spent with Jack. She says he’s harmless but Nikki insists that he is trouble and that she will prove it by Exposing Jack to Jane through “The Cute Girl Network” some network of the local female populace that seem to look out for one and other by keeping tabs on the local male populace and whether or not these women have interacted with any of these males.

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