Days of long past…………

I love genshiken, it really takes me back to my time with the anime club back home. The good times, the convention we’d raid the dealer room at the last day and fight back the idiots trying to muscle in on the deals we were getting on anime and manga. Good times indeed, Madarame had Kasukabe, I had tiff, short I mean like ogiue-short trimmed up and cropped hair black and always wore this beret she’d never leave her house without it. Me? I was 6.6 at the time so it was really funny when we’d hang out this tiny woman next to the beanpole string bean of a guy with blond hair. (Yea, I had hair back then too.) She always hit me in the right arm hard, it got to the point I almost had a perma bruise on it.(lol)

We hung out at RollerSkateland east on Friday nights with the mod squad cliff, Lori, Jason & Joe the twins and the others that helped bring the onset of gothdom in our neck of east county. Magic was the DJ for the west side of the rink which was closed for Club night Fridays. We’d talk get wired on Jolt dance our feet till they were sore from doing the time-warp. Afterward we’d goto the jack in box in the parking lot just before they closed to get fries and burgers. It wasn’t till the day she moved she told me how she had secretly felt about me, and how she kissed me ever so gently that day her and her family moved out of state and just disappeared from our lives.

There was also others that totally reminds me of the genshiken group as well!My buddy Robert who I finally found on myspace as well, woohoo and our buddy John too, who were both part of our RPG group and was also part of our anime club at sdsu. Mark who looked more like maderame than he realizes himself was our Game-Master Robert John and Desiree and a few others would group either one of the group’s homes or at a restaurant drinking coffee and soda the entire time that or eating ramen and or Pokey and wasabi mix during the long road campaigns. They were usually shadowrun 2nd Ed. sessions (2nd edition is/was/always will be the best set that came out of that game-set.) would last like weeks.

Oh course we can’t forget the comic shop! YAY Comic shops! Castle Comics and Amazing Comics were the best two places at the time to get manga and anime tapes from. once a month paycheck in hand backpack ready to pack we had our stash/hold comic stock piles to pick up. Ranma, Robotech, NHS, Metal Bikini, Anything at the time that involved terminator, robocop, aliens, the dirty pair. we’d easily walk away with spending at least 70$ per visit. This was also where we’d get some of our ideas for our RPG bullpen sessions as well.

Yea, I remember my days at our little version of Genshiken. *sigh*



  1. katesmannequin · January 22, 2009

    Heh~ I had these two best friends at my old school, and I swear we were like our own miniature Genshiken. (Other people would seriously avoid us because we were always, always, ALWAYS discussing FLCL.) IT WAS AWESOME. I kinda wish I could go back to the way it was, but things happen…

    • madarameharunobu · January 23, 2009

      I know what you mean

      Yea, 10th and 11th grade were like part of the best yrs of my school life. the other yrs? lets not discuss those (Washes brain cels) But those 2 yrs, …lets see who was part of the group during school? Gary Howe, James Shaw, Maria Dunham, Michael Burke, Dave Carpenter Regina Radcliffe – (she was the saki to my madrame at the time.) Most of us would either hang out by the boulders out in front of the school or by the ROTC Hut.

      Or otherwise we’d just sit in the library and discuss and draw sci fi and what things might be like in 20 yrs. LOL if they could just read this post. *Giggles like crazy* Man, it just takes me back. YOUTH IS WASTED ON THE YOUNG! I WANT TO BE YOUNG AGAIN!

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