The Weekend, and friendships…..

Great week overall, helped a friend out I hadn’t heard from in over a year, did some major catch up and seems he had some bad spots in his life as I told him about mine.
Told how I had to remove a few people from our forum and the reasoning behind it. Which he was a little apprehensive to it as thinking it was a bit extreme to go to that length. But after showing him the events over the past year and some of the things said about me, he understood, sad it is but still it had to be done.

I’m trying to get certain events and places behind me. Not a clean slate mind you, but trimming away the tumor type headaches in my life and keeping with the positive places and communities I am still involved with. If some of you are not on here or received an invite? its not because I don’t like you nor want to be friends still? But rather keep it off LJ to refrain from having any real drama flooding over and ruining yet another incarnation, of my LJ again. Some of you know what I mean and what I talk of and the reasoning behind why I did what I did.

The bad part of it is? The one person I tried to keep out of my life involved himself in the Genshiken community here on LJ to keep tabs on me still is my assumption. I try to to presume nor ass-u-me his intentions but I do not like being followed. He doesn’t like genshiken, he’s never talked about it or mentioned it at any length. So why would he involve himself in a community that he doesn’t post to nor get really involved with? Why, because he would like to keep tabs on what is being said, especially if it was about him. He and his friends alike do nothing more when discussing me its nothing more than smack usually. He will of course deny it and show nothing but supposed kindness and also assuming a civil toned tongue, yet his friends share his real feelings and attitude toward me and are quite blatant about it.

Friends of mine have attempted to talk to them and ask to just leave me alone and to go on with their lives. I appreciate it more than I can express, but at the same time? If I am to assume a normal drama free net-social-circle, people will just need to leave him and them alone and just go about your regular forums and communities. Everyone that posts up there just gives them more troll ammo to play with. Lets not give any more troll ammo out OK? Let’s just leave it as a DMZ and stay clear of it. Cool? Cool!