Ok ok ok….calm down deep breath! I got an email last night from my facebook account. Was from a friend of mine I keep in contact with from HS. Email stated a phone # and to call after 7 pm. So I call and the voice on the other end answered and I swear it was like traveling backwards in time, because I realized that sean had accidently found my best friend from high school in the bank he was at. It had been 25 yrs since I had talked with him last.

We talked for like 40 mins on the the cel till it went dead then asked sean (while still connected on facebook) to have gary call me on the house phone where 5 mins later we were back talking and we talked for over and hour and a half catching up. I’m still giddy about it. 25 yrs, wow….. I can hardly believe it. Now my duty as his friend? After hearing some of what has been happening in his life? I need to find some way to get him out of what he’s dug himself into and out.

I’m waiting on an email now while at work. meanwhile more calls to take more people to help. Also I don’t about some of you out there and today being valentines day, but I got my wife one of the neck and shoulder massagers to use since I’m not at home in the evenings like I’d like to be. That and a rose and a talking Chris Rock Valentines day card. I hope she gets a laugh out of it. Anyways, I have to jet lunch is almost over.