Spare the Tazer and Punish the Child? I think not…….

Ok, I have to say there are quite a number of takes and opinions involved in this. Now I don’t condone physical harm to a child at any age under 18. But discipline and overuse of force are in fact two different things. Whether autistic ADD ADHD Bi-polar or related behavioral dysfunctions are involved or they’re just an average child upbringing is a definite key factor involved in this. A Parent who does not apply a firm hand rather than fist will get a more positive reaction and return rather than throwing them through say a closet door. Thus guiding them to possibly become better people rather than become a burden to the community and themselves.

Proper behavioral modification and adjusting always and should always start at the home. But at the same time it is also the parent’s responsibility to learn how to be the positive role model for the child/children to become/emulate. Medication and treatments and such can in some cases be a negative and not showing the compassion and love and care the parent has for their offspring, rather in turn gives the child an idea that the parent does not care for the child as much and would rather seem them sedated and pacified them so they are out of the way and can go about what hey want to do during the day.

This really isn’t the case as well. There are a variety of different stages, which special children with special needs do in fact need certain medical prescriptions to help assist and balance out the chemical imbalance they are afflicted with. Overall, it’s matter of how people handle their offspring and how they teach them to behave in the public and at home. Life skills themselves simply put begin in the home. If the home is damaged to begin with what the heck are you doing trying to bring a child into it? Comments. replies. anything?