Whoa! Hold it WWE Fans I have a Beef……


I would like to say that Chris Jericho needs to get the pissfuckinggophergholefinding shit kicked out him. That or let the real fans from GenX have a 5 mins with him. Because I can tell you there would be nothing left save for a few scraps of DNA and bone matter after-wards. What he’s done is deplorable. It would be like bush wiping his ass with the flag of beloved USA.

Of course I expect rebuttals on this. But it is how I see it. Chris Jericho in my opinion needs to be kicked out of the WWE along with Randy Orton, the thing that surprises me is this is entertainment? I didn’t find it funny, nor did I find it entertaining to watch someone I respected as an actor and a wrestle get beat down on last week then to have this punk treat super-fly at age 60 like trash?

Whipped him on stage with a belt and try to humiliate him in from of us his fans and not have one single other legend lest alone maybe another WWE wrestler run out and stop that crap in its tracks? Super-fly is 60 yrs old “6-0” sorry but I have a little more respect for my wrestling heroes then to pull some stunt like Jericho did. Plus again the sentence “Where the fuck is someone to come and pound the shit out this little turd-ball and stop his actions?” WWE was/is still cool to watch, but really I want to see Jericho gone.

End of rant.