Wow, Ex-‘s can really be a pain in the ass

This was really odd, I get the weekend off right? Well I’m working in the yard and I get call from (X)who I happen to work with. Seems the woman he was seeing and allowing to live with went off on him and tried to push him down the stairs last night. So after that little incident and the fact that this wasn’t the first time she had gone psychotic on him as well?

He told her to leave, and left the house to stay at his cousin’s place for the night. Well, today he called me to ask if I’d go over and get his mail for him since he really didn’t want to deal with her again. Me and her never really had any problems so I said sure, why not? I get over there and get his mail use the spare key and put the mail down in the dining room.

Then it hits me like a wet rotten head of cabbage. That smell! like stale booze and nasty cigarettes. It was coming from (X) bedroom. This is where most of the gaming gear and such where at as well in it’s own lil ante-room. Trashed, the whole room including the gaming area was trashed! His laptop was cracked, his desktop on the floor, wires and cords everywhere. His clothes were scattered everywhere and had stuff poured on them which would more or less be all the beer he had since the place reeked of stale booze.

Needless to say I called him up told him what happened, called his mother tell her come over see the mess and to call the sheriff’s dept there. No one knows where (X)’s ex is but I hope to god she doesn’t come back, for her own sake. Don’t care what happens in an argument, you don’t ruin other people’s stuff just but because you were told to GTFO because you tried to hurt the person you’re in the argument with. It was uncalled for and totally out of hand on her part. I hope she finds that middle ground next time there is an argument with whoever she will be seeing next. DEEP Breath, breathe and exhale and just try to stay calm alway remember that. Nothing and no one can control you save for yourself.