Odd weekend indeed…….

Well, this was a fun weekend. Buddy gets his bedroom trashed and stuff scattered throughout the room and all his liquor and beer dumped into all his clothing and such. looks like I might have to come over there again and start rewiring the server room/gaming area. Not only that but the carpet might not be recoverable.

Might have to yank and redo the pads and carpet. All because she thought he was cheating on her instead of being working OT at his other job. I know he was there because I had to call him at the office at his desk to ask him what time he wanted to pick up the GS cookies he ordered? I swear sometime people go off and fly off the deep end for no real apparent reason whatsoever.

Other news, Manga University is offering some of their books at 75% WOW! I’m really interested in the guns and military book set they have Vol 1 & 2. Which would really be great since I do need to practice those myself since I need props to go with some of my character sketches. Oh and for those that knew my lmcnichols@networld.com email? It’s gone has been for about a week now since I canceled my DSL and went straight cable for our Internet service needs. So I’ll updating those I want to have my email address with, so keep an eye on your in-box. Anyways, got to get ready for the day ttyl.