An asteroid eh? Hmmm Madrame and a serious discussion “GASP”

Well, in this case were its been almost decided that this hunk of destruction and chaos will be? Then why not use laser technology or a planned nuclear warhead aimed and launched on a parallel course and detonating this warhead close enough to knock it off it’s axis and diverting to a different course? Or seeing into re opening the Star wars project as much of a joke as that sounds, it is a feasible and semi sound theory as well in developing "a" singular armed laser platform capable of destroying the small chuck of floating Los angles? Its possible, it’s a feasible plan, but will it happen it?

No probable not, will cause jerks to spit out pathetic and stupid death star jokes? Yea if I hadn’t just commented on how pathetic and lame it would be first. Anyone else wanna discuss this ? Or am I the only one posting in regards to this? Serious discussion here folks…… No, I’m not asking to bring out your dead, rather having an intelligent conversation with people that have at least 2 brain cells and know that the key answer is to bang the rocks together people!  With that I open the floor to discussion.