Shadowmimiiru and her RPG world.

Mim Fellow anime/manga reader and watcher decided to build an RPG using RPGMaker XP. I’m basically just doing to PR work for her, why do you ask? Because even though she belongs to a community I rather have a running nasty history with? I don’t associate or lump her in with them, but I can see the hard work and effort she’s put into this and I’m just doing my part for it.

Links to the game itself should be forthcoming once completed as one full and compiled game.  This will prove to be quite interesting coming from personal knowledge about the cast and such.  Well, here you go kiddo………..



  1. Sammi · March 26, 2009

    Ok, you keep talking about these bobs and such. It will eat you up bruddah. I know you have had issues with some of these people on a one on one basis. Even been told that some of these people were even fair weather friends. But seriously, how can you call them friends? You know them only by the internet, you know me because I moved up to utah.

    You know some of the people at BuF because of the same reason, some of them are locals. but these people that talk at you? Phantomgrift, Mcclaud, C.D. Rhom, and other people that have caused you grief. Why do you even try to talk with them anymore since its obvious that none of them take you seriously in anyway shape or form? I think you should keep yourself away from people like that and stick with your own interests at heart and mind. These people don’t really give a shit about you as mean as that sounds. Let them go and just walk away from them.

  2. Phantomgrift · March 31, 2009

    Nice of this person to lump me in with the rest.
    For the record, “I” try to keep in touch with Steve.
    And “I” do take Steve seriously.
    Hell, “I” continue to give a shit about Steve but he refuses to remotely acknowledge.

    I don’t know, nor care about the others, but I’d rather not see my name sullied by someone who doesnt have all the appropriate information.

  3. madarameharunobu · March 31, 2009

    Well in defense of sammi, I don’t think you’ve ever taken me serious till recent events and after I cut my ties with you and clanbob in general. Even MZ agrees with me why else do you think he doesn’t bother really dealing with the site or posting up save for that one time last year? No, it really boils down to that there are just people out there you just should not trust in general let alone allowing them to cont. with your group click when they have betrayed the trust you gave them to begin with.

    Mim’s never betrayed me -ever- same with MZ, and a few other people that basically left CB due to the level of juvenile attitudes and animosity against others. Now, I’m not saying I am not guilty of a bit of the grade school level of antics. But by far I think I can honestly say that being away from there as much as I have been has been one of the better things I’ve done in quite awhile. If I lost C.D. as a friend because of whatever conclusion she came to with me and my attitude towards thing?

    Fine so be it, there was no indication save for the lack of communication email, IM or otherwise stating she no longer valued our friendship till Nate said something in regards to that matter. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t care anymore, there really isn’t a point in perusing the matter. Same can be said for this line of discussion in my opinion. Facts remain in place and in play, how they are played however is entirely upon me and how I wish to direct it.

    • Phantomgrift · March 31, 2009


      I’ve always taken you seriously as I’ve never had any reason not to.I view shenanigans on the internet as just that…..Shenanigans. I’ve known you, Rip and others in a manner of speaking for almost ten years as of now. I don’t think less of any of you based on anything anyone posts.

      And Steve… You say you’re done with Clanbob but I’ve been informed that you were actively talking to people and asking them their opinions of me and RIP. If you were really as cleared of ClanBOB as you say you are, then just let it go. Or shoot, be like me and some others.

      I was gone from Bob for years. Mostly due to the Navy. Partly because I annoyed them enough that the older, more stuck-up Bobs banned me. Didnt stop me from getting back into things when the site picked up again. Please, don’t lump us all in the same boat.

  4. madarameharunobu · March 31, 2009

    I don’t know who you’re getting your Intel from? But I can assure you I haven’t made any inquiry as to your whereabouts or ongoing life events. Save for some little stint Rip was going on about trying to butthurt Darlid. In fact I called Darlid on it and had a good chuckle over it if anything.

    That’s about the only thing in reference to CB I have had in a bit. Wishing Pyxie a Happy Birthday a few days and then Mim on hers as well yesterday. Nope don’t talk too much of you on CB at all.

    Save like I just said and I’ll even include a few more, Lets See, Mim, Pyxie (Although hardly a word from at all much these days) Goreboy, Mechazilla, and Darlid and Steltek. That’s about as much bob ex or otherwise I talk with these days. So, I can say I haven’t made much inquiry to anyone about you much at all if any. Lump you in the same boat why categorize lumping is so much easier.

  5. Phantomgrift · April 1, 2009

    Lump you in the same boat why categorize lumping is so much easier.”

    By that logic, all Jew’s are automatically dirty inferiors, all Germans are Nazis, all Russians are Communist and all Whites are Plantation Living Slave Owners. I really do miss talking to you Steve. I really wish you’d realize I’m not trying to put one over on you.

  6. madarameharunobu · April 1, 2009

    Well, if that’s your opinion? I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise. You have so many other people you consider better friends anyways. What is it Rip what would say? Oh yea….. “I’m just some over aged Mongolian Autistic Mongloid that couldn’t get the concept of banging the rocks together”.

    So, with that said, we’re done here? I figured you’re bored and needed someone to make angry. Since it’s seems it’s not going to happen, I’m just going to move along to the other posts. Because, I do realize its April fool’s and I’m not about to get Rick rolled by you.

  7. Phantomgrift · April 1, 2009

    Oy vey,

    Steve, I’m not trying to piss you off, I’m not trying to trick you, and I’m not trying to Rick roll you. I’m just trying to talk to you.
    That’s it.

  8. madarameharunobu · April 1, 2009

    Well, you’re talking to me and I’m answering. You know while I was thinking about this? Save for the comment on the Sakura con post? yea I finally realized it was you after I checked my old hotmail account address book. You wouldn’t have given this blog two wet slaps from a pair of waterwings had Sammi “not” mentioned you in that comment. Otherwise, it would have been a Pfffffft, whatever then buisness as usual for you.

    However, since it was you that was mentioned on it? You sure did hot foooted over here quicker than a group of tree huggers at the burning man event. So really, if your name had not been mentioned? You’d never had even posted here. That, and this has got to be the busiest comment on this blog so far, since I really don’t get much traffic on here.

  9. Phantomgrift · April 2, 2009

    Actually you goobertastic grump, I came over here after I saw the comment about Sakura Con.
    I’d been googling a couple of items for the convention and it brought up your statement, so I asked if you were going. Steve, for once will you realize I didnt come over here because my “name was mentioned” or to harass you or “spy” on you or whatever you want to call it.

    Despite what you apparently like to think, I still hold an active interest in what you post. I like hearing how your day went. Unfortunately, you still seem to be under the impression that I’m doing this all in conjuncture with some vast scheme to keep track of you. It’s not true.

    Like I said, per the Convention being less than two weeks away, I was browsing Con-related stuff. I popped in, realized it was you and figured the least I could do was ask if you were going. As you still appear to be under the impression my intentions are strictly for evil, I’ll leave.

    • madarameharunobu · April 2, 2009

      You can leave if you want thats fine. I just find it a bit odd, you take such personal interest in me and such. Especially. since this is the only thread you seem to be the most active in. Like I said with the Sakura Con post, I can’t do out of state cons anymore. I can’t afford them nor does my wife hold any real interest in them anymore as well for a good number of years. So, if I ‘m lucky I hit one the local ones here and do it for free since I know some the staff and its usually just for the day.

      As far as holding an active interest in what I post? Well as you said you like to hear how my days goes, so that would be an active interest in what I post is it not? Regarding my being a grump is concern? I was born that way. If any grievences need to be filed? Blame my parental units genetic makeup. As far as leaving goes? The door is there, I’m not going stop you, why bother. Its like trying to stop rip from being the internet asshole he’s grown to be.

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