He made big promises, but wtf is this?

Boy The NRA and Obama should maybe BBQ this weekend eh?

This is what made me leery of our current boss and his administration. They want to intentionally take away our rights as the people by use of smoke and mirrors and pretty little speeches on tree hugging. I used to by in the U.S. Army and am a lic’ed weapon carrying citizen. I can even see how these step by step incremental measures can and oh you can bet danger money on it, will hurt all of us as a nation. I might not be with the NRA? But we as a people with the drive of the capitalist spirit of our nation as a people, I can almost assuredly tell you we will find a way around this issue, like the lacquered steel carts our Russian counterparts in the ammo industry uses.

I like the fact I can defend my land, against invaders foreign or domestic. If someone busts into my house? I want to have whatever I have near me at the moment locked loaded and blow the sob’s head away and decorate my mantelpiece. Let the meat wagon clean it up. Or if god forbid we do get invaded on homesoil? I want to be able to feel free to “Lock and Load” the loaded banana clip and make sure the safety is off to safely protect our homesoil from those that would take life from it and the world we know. I know I “didn’t” vote for him.