Real Drive, Anime Series from I.G. Prod.

You know it’s pretty odd when you already watched two episodes and you pretty much understand the premise already. I.G. “ALWAYS” produces great animation, though it could be taken as a negative when you have a Seventy year old man-service scene in the first episode. I think on a personal note that the series is quite descriptive and each one of the characters has their own set of unique personalities and traits. It does have a very cool post GiTs feel for it, oddly enough IMO anyway.

Plot Summary: Real Drive is a “Cyber Fiction/suspense” story is set in circa 2061, when a newly designed and secure information matrix called the Material Network (or “Metal”) reigns over human society. Suddenly, glitches begin to pop up as bugs in the machine? (Giggle) against the secured system, and then “cyber-divers” are sent out to investigate these issues. The team/cast consists of the following; the cyber driver Mari, an “intuitive girl” named Minamo, the team’s lead Eiichirō, the combat expert Sōta, and accompanying them is the android Horon, always have to have a droid involved.

Overall, I have to admit I am impressed and enjoying this series. I am seriously considering following this series to the last episode itself. The character design was well thought out, as well as the story backline/history. Then again this is I.G. Productions assisting with this, so is it any wonder that it’s as good if not slightly better than Ghost in the shell