Perfect World & Gosha goes Cherry Blossums!

A Brave new Realm

A Brave new Realm

I heard a friend mention this and decided, why the hell not? So I’m testing it out to see if I like it or not? Seems pretty straight forward. Like the Tao based beliefs I’ve seen on here so far as well. I just installed it this morning so I’m still pretty much a n00b on it. But I’m sure with the help of my friend? I’ll be able ot get used to the playing system.

I’m already at lvl II within 20 mins of being in game. Save for the fact as soon as I got in I started slashing and killing all the unfriendlies I could see on the horizon. Just have to learn how to use the save and quit function in-game. 😉
Online Bud Radio-Gosha

Gosha’s DA

Gosha will be sharing a booth with 2 other artists Appletrees & Kitty-ko-chan in artist alley this year! So if you are coming, be sure to swing by say hey! He’ll of course have some of his fantastic art prints and related items avlib for purchase. I’m waiting for a Jack Maverick action figure myself with a kung-fu grip I hope.

I like this MV it’s been my all time fave since his newer vids.
Radio-Gosha LIVE! I’m adding a picture of the flyer he created for the event. This even features a new character to join the ranks of the other ones profiled on and in his animations! Top right hand corner, looks very cool, I can’t wait to see what Gosha has in store of us this time around?
Gosha SakuraCon "09"