Gardening and Blood type dieting….

Busy weekend overall, got cleaning done. That and was able to remove one the old tree stumps finally from the flowerbed under the kitchen window. Raked and with some help from my neighbor, rototill ed and weeded that area as well. Placed out stepping stones the way my wife wanted them too.

I’m finalizing the tulips transplants as well so they will look really good for easter is my plan. Although we will also need to start on the victory garden earlier this year as well. Also we don’t have to worry too much about tomatoes this year since my wife learned that they were bad for her blood type. Seems you can learn a lot of information on what is good for you to eat and what can be bad for you to eat, wellness wise.

Mother in law lost 10 lbs in over a Week and a Half period by following the book’s suggestions on what is good for her to eat and avoiding what is bad for her system. She seems more cheerful too attitude wise, so my wife is going to try it herself as well. I might try it, maybe, depends if I have to eat *BLAH* Rice puffs or not as a cereal? I don’t know about you all out there? But Rice puffs sucks, ultra major its like eating Styrofoam.