GoW Mod with a Touch of Silent Hill added for flavoring.

The Fly a GoW mod based on Silent Hill Homecoming this was done by Mr. Bruno Vidal a member of Beyound Unreal. Which was quite unique in itself. He’s created a really errie type of mod using the silent hill universe as his creative baseplate for gameplay. The inventory and puzzles and such are a nice change of pace with regards to gameplay and creativity. It is my opinion that something like this should have a UT3 ver. as well and to have it hit the MSU Contest for the creative mojo this person had for the game. Here is a clip from the game from Mr. Vidal ‘s Youtube account to show us some of the gameplay.

Really cool suspense with this one. looking forward to playing more with this one.



  1. titobruni · March 24, 2009

    ey! thanks! i like it that you wrote about me in your blog!

    thanks again.

    • madarameharunobu · March 24, 2009

      You are indeed welcome. The idea and concept was quite original. If there was a MSGoW Competition? I can make sure bets that this one would rank in the top 5.

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