A day for new treads…..

Looks like today was the day. I had to get new tires on the Saturn and what they found was a 12 in. spike in the wheel. I was like WHOA Oo; and I wa surprised that damage wasn’t worse. That and I needed new pads and the rotor retooled on the brakes. But she handles like a dream again and TBH I haven’t had to replace the brakes on her before for the past what 8 years or so? So it was well worth the money to spend on on the Saturn. Just have to take it easy on the brakes for the next 500 Miles.

Other than that it’s been a pretty rather lax’ed day. I’m spending it cleaning and dusting and taking care of loose ends and such. Pretty much a normal day. No more snow though please? At least till late Autumn, I’d like to start working on the garden bed and getting it ready soon.