Bzzzzzz! YIPES ! @_o;

I got a shock today, literally! I was fixing the spare computer’s PSU and was plugging in to test it out and that damn thing blew up. The PSU just POP and smoke and was like DAMN! Yanked it out of the wal and flourbagged the psu. memory seems fine hdd and other stuff *seem* ok. Just that the PSU blowing up like that was pretty much wtf? I’ve called EBC and one teh guys I know there actually drove out to see what happened and was like @_@ ? what the *&^!@ happened here? The case inside on the roff inside cover was blackened and you could still smell the burnt wiring. Needless to say they’re taking care of it.

On the lighter side of news, we have snow yet *again* here in the valley. I wished it would just stop and let the sun come out so we could enjoy some nice travelling on my days off. I also got 2 dvds that were left at my friend’s house by his ex he didn’t want them anymore I got them and I took them to graywhale and got myself Robotech The Shadow Chronicles Dvd. Whch was overall a really cool movie and one the 1st clues as to the rebirth from our generation of Robotechnology. I can’t wait after 25+ Years Robotech will be back on TV and starting off where it left off at even if it is new animation and possible character designs. Well back ot work people…… it time and time is money, but if time is an illusion with lunch time being double that, what does that do to our a fiscal budget?