am I being over dramatic?


Got to say I love the openings btw Genshiken and Kujibiki Unbalance I can’t make a decision! It’s hard to make such a choice but Genshiken is by far my true enjoyment when it comes to relaxing and listening to tunes. After chattinjwith my friend Gary who just happens to be my -=best=- friend since High School we’ve been reminiscing about what happened to certain people and parts of our little group. Which was in fact a mismatched bunch of people if ever we had one? Seems, that Maria who was basically our brainy girl? She got married and moved to Los Angels and has been in that area since.

Then there was Michael who was a bit of the oddball who basically fit me, Gary, and James. I was the base leader I guess of the group always getting us together. Hanging out in either the front of Santana High School or near the Racquetball courts or and almost always in the library on the Apple IIe that library had. There was also Mark and then Sean came along later on during our 4 yrs there. We did have some pretty cool times as well as pretty bad ones as well, but we were there to help out and ride out the rough times as well.

I miss those days; I’m stuck here in Utah. In a place I still feel out of place and out of touch. I yearn to be in San Diego hitting Comicon in the summer, enjoying the beach and bonfires at night. But we all have to grow up and accept the fact that we are getting older and we do have responsibilities we have to own up to and take care of. Oh and believe me I wouldn’t trade any of what’s happened in the past 15 yrs of being here? It’s just that I wished we did have a little more time available, that and sometimes the cash to be able to hit San Diego or even my parents place in Tennessee more often then we have. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so melancholy at times? Oh well, I’m going to get back to work enough of the self loathing for now……..enjoy, hope the weekend is going well for some of you out there.