Votoms, Scopedog true scale Greatness! & Steampunk goodness

Whoa! talk about fandom! This is a rather old picture but still worth talking about. The Master of Steampunk-technology in the japanese district Mr. Kugoro Kurata known for his infamous steampunk laptop came out with this gorgous Scopedog from Votoms. Complete with female Scopedog Pilot and sidearm. This was taken back in 2007 at the famous Character and Hobby Collection convention/Expo 2k7. Love to see this go against that walking Gundam unit.

A very excellent project for those steampunk fans. I always loved the Victorian age as well as the Hi-tech Ultra cool sleek looks on design. But in this instance I have to choose the Victorian 18th Century syle and theme. The Brasswork and design is quite well done and the brushing was nice touch. The work that went in to this was well thought out and planned. The base and the Marble slab was mixed with the brasswork all add up to a touch of High Social Tech Class.