UT2004 Mods & More Steampunk Goodness!

UT2004 Mods today seem to be getting scarce and those that are still in progress are slowly dying w/o any updates or news. But there are a number of UT2004 Mods that are still quite fun to play and bring life to what some say is a dying breed of gaming. In my opinion, they are wrong, BuF for example is on the main community hubs for UT Gamers on a global scale for getting together and conversing and discussing things game related to Unreal technology and some other gen interests. Recruitment for development teams for mods are still going strong at this community hub as well. They also share ideas and possible new game play modes too.

I like UT2004 for the sheer amount of player character models there are out there for it. I also like certain game types as well. Like UT-Halo, and The XMP mod and Jailbreak and Double domination and DM/TDM Freeze tag with the sniper rifles. Hollow moon Beta Edition Ver 3 for UT2004 is a more recent mod that cam out about 4 months ago.
This I thought was going to be some cheesy piece of crud. I was -=wrong=-, and my apologies to the development team who took the time and effort to not only finish their beta? But to release 2 improved versions as they had refined and worked out bugs that were discovered as the community helped to test this mod out.

I personally love the Helmet HUD they created on this which was very cool and gives the players the off planet feel. The cool feature I thought was also was the moon tanker you can drive to the moon station project. That was just plain fun. I give it 4 out of 5 stars on replay value and overall fun. I do however which to discuss now a sad disappointment on a project I was hoping was going to just be finished and released and “ding fries are done” and that’s it? We don’t even get the fries at this point. I speak of The Unreal Championship mod Project which has been in development for quite some time.

I had spoken with MonOlympus the team’s 3 way man 1 leader 2 part time Coder 3 Part Time modeler, after discuss it with him at length before leaving for work myself? I felt as though there just wasn’t much love left for the project due to the lack of interest and dedication from his team over the past year. I can understand it because I tracked the UC mod project myself for quite awhile and had two of their members on my staff at one point at time as well. Overall I was as I’ve stated quite sad on the end results of what has happened with this project and that MonOlympus wishes to hand the project over to someone who could maybe polish and finish this project off as long as the stimulation that once it is completed that not only that the team that finishes this project get credit for it?

For those old members that did contribute to the assets of the game? Maps, player characters, vehicles and related items also get full credit as well in the readmes and in game credits as well. All I can do as well as everyone else that followed this project? Is hope for someone to take up the mantle that is UC2004 and bring forth the thunder and the power of the maelstrom that is Unreal Championship to the UT2004 Family? The article is open for discussion, and with that the floor ir now open.

I found two excellent SteamPunk techno techs on youtube today. I’ll share with you what I found, first a very cool look pair of googles for the steampunk adventurer/decker for cyberdiving. Which was created by The remarkable LostMachine tech guru. These would be quite fun during Halloween or Any Sci Fi / Anime / Fantasy convention cosplaying event.

I also found for the steampunk technophile mp3 debutaunte, the steampunk headphones. Giving your Work at home or just a basic in house office that turn of the century feel of nostalgia. This particular one was built and created by GarageMoneky-san of Youtube. On which to my Tophat gets tipped to.
Man placed under arrest for DUI for driving a Bar stool w/o a lic. and a helmet. What type of idiot drives a barstool from the bar to his house? Least w/o a helmet no less! I mean geeez! >_<;