Cat gets caught with Dog! This April’s MOVIE HIT!

In Today’s news Tabby Cat Fritzy got caught with his landlord’s dog Hans. The world seems to be in nothing but in chaos because of this! Its just like Dr. Peter Venkman, said that the end of the world was near when cats and dog would be living togther. As Professor Johann Steamhead once said “The world can be saved by Steam!”


Just when you thought Megatron and The Decip-o-boobs were gone? Just when you think it’s safe to go back to the tech Lab? Transformers The rise of The Laptops! This film has been rickrolled for your amusment.
The otaku ten commandments according to Me, Madarame!

1: When Buying Fanzines, do”not” look at the price.

2: I don’t have a single piece of regular pron.

3:Thats’s the main hall over that. That’s The Battlefield

4:Okay, I gotta do what I gotta do! Gotta make it to God’s Doorstep .

5:Buy now Think Later

6:If I don’t, I’ll feel like I chickened out.

7:He gets caried away when he’s talking about that stuff.

8:I’ll be so embarrassed if I end up going to the comic-fest with a tan.

9:You do not become an otaku by trying. You just wake up one morning and realize you are one.

10: The air is way too thin up there for an otaku like me. I’ll go crazy! I’ll die from lack of oxygen!

(Madarame) So sayth this one freakin huge tablet ! WAUGH! it’s heavy……..I think that’s it for this April fool’s day.