Weekend is Cool

YAY! Going to be off this weekend and going to get some much more needed cleaning done. But at the same time I’m also going to start writing a small Champions RPG/Fic with a friend of mine. Which should prove to be an interesting endeavor. Seems I have gained some interesting new friends on Travian as well. I got my fanny served whilest I slept and got my resources raided. So I got my sitters as well as myself on full alert at the moment.

Recoverying as much as I can army wise. I’m gonna give it a good fight if thats what they want to do. I’d rather try to be diplomatic about the deal myself. But then again I’m not sure which way its going to go so best to prepare and to prepare HUGE! So, sell and talk with friends in other alliances and see about secret trades and resource stockpiling. Anyways, I’m heading to bed, all this building is gettng me tired as it is.