The Good and The Bad of Easter Weekend.

Got to do the whole Easter things but we had a twist this time. We decided to play tennis and have an Easter picnic for the mid-morning/early afternoon family time. Got home and LO! Wife wants to finish the basketball hoop setup. ^%#!&@ Basketball hoop, and the dang sand involved for the ballast back. Took us 2 hours to get that thing filled. When watching the family play B-ball was worth the work. I’m glad our kids are that active, and want to get involved with activities and sports like that. I’ve never been much for sports myself. Getting involved, well I do like to get involved in things.

On the downside of things, however I play a game entitled travian. It’s a web browser based game. Which in itself is fun; however there are people out there that will butthurt you just to get the jollies off. Redstar of NATO on the S5 Server at travian is one such utter travtard. He says, he doesn’t cheat, but I really can’t see that either. I’ve been basically working my villages and such and getting things rolling again finally after helping and taking care of some personal family business.

Which a couple of people who had been attacking understood after talking with me and realizing that about 75% of the time my sitters were there helping me out building wise when they could. But eventually I had to come back and start over after redstar ruined about 85 % of the work I had done. I was getting ready to move out of the area since he decided to totally rape my friend’s village next to mine and chief it as well. He decided to eyeball my village I was getting ready to launch 3 settlers to another area and just move out and let U.A. and PDM take care of him by cata’ing him out of the area and the 12 x 12 WE had established.

I might not be there anymore since I decided to nuke the account and send all of my resources to my personal trav buds there. I have till I get home tonight to decide if I want to stick it out and watch my buds cata my 4 x 4. Or just leave it to the system to delete my account totally. My personal opinion is that even last Session back in the summer of 08 last year NATO were a bunch of Nazis then and nothing has changed, even their off site forums have Nazi swastikas and what is construed as a Death camp for their forum’s background layout.

They’re not even participating in the WW on this session, so one has to ask why the heck are they even there then. To be a group of chaos wielding jerks or what? It escapes logical reasoning save for the fact that maybe all they want to do is bully other smaller villages. That’s the rant. Piss & moan I have for the overall weekend/this morning’s awakenings.



  1. Redstar · April 14, 2009

    Tough weekend, big bad man blows my villages. *Fixed*

    • madarameharunobu · April 14, 2009

      Oo; Well that was rather childish. Did you come by to try to start a flame war maybe? Because if thats the case, you’ll find no fire here. To me it’s just a game. The fact you even came here shows I must have struck some type of nerve. Gues my job is done. You’re dismissed.

  2. Hobosic · April 20, 2009

    Hi there,
    I have already seen it somethere…

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