Bizzaro Vending Machines (EW! Its smelt like ass!)

HAHAHA! SO I got to work and worked up till lunch and decided I wanted a chimichunga they have a great Steak and cheese on in the vending machine in the break area/lunchroom. So I drop a 1.25 for it, and get it just fine but it felt unusually warm so I open it to get it ready for the microwave? It smelt like someone cut one in a boileroom with no circulation. Looks like I got to go down and register for my refund and let them know the cooler has blown on the machine. *Update* Got the 1.25$ back, but no vault left in the soda machine! -_-; LOL Just my luck today it seems. Oh well, life goes on.

Oh, and as far as travian goes? I might RE-register under my old alias. Not sure yet, but Redstar is an travtard and NATO as an alliance are nothing more than a pack of Cyber Bullies getting their kicks on ruining smaller villages and butthurting others and not caring about it. It may sound like a bitch, piss and moan rant? But Honestly I don’t care too much at the moment, because he thinks he’s won some type of trophy or something. Truly a sad thing, and even more a sadder person. *Shrugs* Oh well buy this time Thursday the account will no longer be there and I can decide whether to go back in under my old name or not?

Oh this just in “Always” of travian S5″ has decided she wishes to threaten me on the S5 server with banning me because of my wanting to exercise my right to express my opinion about her alliance. Good thing I like to save messages.

Also saying she might even use her influence as a Multihunter to Ban me from the game. Or better yet use my personal information (because thats the only way she’d know who I was on the server) to let the NATO members know who I was. Thing is, I already deleted my account yesterday sometime in the morning before work.

But I think if she’s going to threaten someone like that for expressing their opinions on the Internet (which is serious business) then maybe her position should be re-thought with the S5 staff. IF I don’t decide to send the message to the main support staff for travian overall.