The NATO Dossier and Steampunk fun.

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Topic: RE^3: I thought this should be added
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Goodbye you Dweeb, and yes thats spelled correctly , that would be DWEEB , the worst of nerds.

Rebuttal:(Really now, was that neccasary?You’re supposedly a 40 yrs old woman with 2 kids from a catholic home. What type of example are you for your fellow travs? Really respectable attitude especially from a Multihunter such as yourself. But Yea I have left but it was WAY before you openly threatened me. as stated below regardless of how small and insignificant as it was. )

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Topic RE: I thought this should be added
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LOL , you call me saying i will spread your account over NATO for targeting practice a threat? Trust me when i say , i have not broken a single rule of this game, Ever. And the MH would laugh at you for saying that i have. Obviously , this is not a game for you. Because Redstar has posted all of your IGM’ in our forums for the amusment of others that read them. So i think your right it is best you delete your account, you don’t belong on the server woth good , qualified players , that play well.

Rebuttal:(I don’t know about that Lara. Seems to me that it would be BAD PR for someone like you to just go about and threaten other travian players because they said they didn’t like the way you and your alliance play.  That and the fact you said down below  you’d see to it you’d get me banned for whatever it was I did to create such a butthurt toward you and your little packs of Gestapo agents going around and raping and pillaging the smaller villages to play yourselves in control. was I butthurt by redtard? More like I wasn’t going to allow some snot nosed pimple assed kid to come into my neighborhood and start shit. Which he did when he started fucked around with our group diplomat/ and my friend’s village. It was wrong he knew and he didn’t give a fuck on who he butthurt to get what was his.  )

Lara Grand Wookie of NATO.

Sender: always Date 04/14/09
Topic: WHAT?
Time-Stamp 05:42:04 Pm MDT

I am not sure of your age, and not sure what to think of what you have written in your link on your profile, but i have taken it very personal. So lets set some things straight,:
1) I am a 40 year old mother of 2 teens and a very devout catholic, so saying that the members here are Nazis is a

little of a exaggeration, but not knowing your age i will let you vent whatever you want.

2) I personally designed our off site forum and the skin used id a mid evil village with people walking in the

streets, and supplied by the forum itself.

3) i have played this game for over 4 years and am very proficient at it , i am always in the top 1% or 2% of

players and BTW if you didn’t notice itd a war game, the point is to dominate a area and win a server , which I have

done twice , and played 6 total, I have built 3 WW’s and have taken numerous sets of plans. So your comment of

bully’s if thats what you want to call it.

4) i am a Multi-Hunter on another server at the moment, and just in your profile you have broken several of the rules that get you banned permanently. But before i go that route i would like some kind of explanation as to what  you have said and why.

5) It sounds as if you have been beaten at a kids game and not to happy about it , and want to blame your lack of

skill on players that have just done what the game is intended to do , and done it well.

6) As for us building a WW , no one knows who thats going to be , the plans don’t get released with the NATARS for

another 90 to 120 days, and at that point the first 12 to take a sat of plans is the players building a WW, and I

have every intention of repeating what i just did on s5 , which is clear a Natar village and take a set of plans and

build WW here just like i just did on s2.

I would suggest that you respond in a civil manner with some sort of explanation , or it would be best you delete

the account totally or i will delete it for you.Other wise i will spread your account over the player of nato to

practice with for their targeting skills. I think your diplomatic skills is what has gotten you to this , which i

will have to say after reading what you have to say, is not only imature, but a all ouot lie on all points you have

taken, and if you choose not to respond with in 24 hours i will report your account to the MH and then begin to

target you personally for your remarks .


And just for your information i am a resident of the US so i am loud and proud about Democracy and diplomacy.

Rebuttal:( Funny thing is you didn’t use to be like this a few yrs back. You were pretty easy going but over the past few sessions on trav? I think the positions and your wins and such have gone to your head. Especially with the banning part.

You can try to do what you want in regards to this? But since my account is now gone and I’m not longer playing in your sandbox as it were if you want to go that route? I can talk freely on what I think about the whole scene. I think Redstar is quite the aggersive but at the the same time rude player during this entire time. His attack on Charlamange was not only slap in her face as far as morale went but I think she’s officially quit because of the way he treated the incident the entire time. Then after he stole her village from her (Which seems to be what NATO likes to do best.) I ask him to back off and he starts on me, thats fine I was starting to get bored with the game anyways. But then he starts raiding my crops and pissing on the village I’m trying to rally up and raise the residency to level 10 so I can move out of the area and maybe bring my friend back to travian starting fresh in a better, less populated area?  No, Redstar was determined to act like  he was, and tear down the work I just got done doing making me start over again.

Well with her gone and the group away from the game for a few days? I was like fine I’ll set the self destruct sequence and then tell RedStar and NATO how I feel about the situation and if they don’t like it? Tough, deal with it. Also as later suggested I think you should -=really=- invest in maybe downloading IESPELL and use it wisely. your typing skill were atrocious at best. typo festival in the extreme in my opinion. You type like an Alpha Wookie on a Bad Hair Day. As far as your attitude on this? It sucked and you approached with guns loaded rather than a pencil and clipboard. I’m pretty much the tame player I was actually out for awhile helping family out on a personal family emergency? Rune who redstar said was his friend? She ( I think rune was a female player) was told what was happening with me outside of travian and that btw her and me we were able to settle our differnces she understood the issue at hand backed away let me rebuild for some time and just when things started to get were I might have been at?

Redstar came and started messing the plan up. So don’t go telling me I’m some diplomaticly retarded shortbus rider. I was more than polite and civil with Rune when she allowed us to talk it out and what was going on at the time. Redstar just is not the talking type it seems, and damage is already done. But I hope this doesn’t ruin our special friendship? You have yourself a Mucha Lucha day there Lara AKA “Always” on the S5 Server of travian’s NATO Faction.)


Mind you, I would have more or less just ignored the shit and just left it behind. But Lara the Alpha wookie in heat wouldn’t drop the subject. So all I’m doing is returning the fire with a little added salt rock to pellets and the butthurt. I’m walking away with the knowledge that I did get under your skin and got to laugh at you for it. I really doubt she or any of her NATO’s save for Redstar will reply back in way shape of form in thier defense either. Oh well, life goes on.

Changing the subject now, to pc technology and such.  Not sure how old some of you are and this will more or less show my age.  Back in the wee early “80’s” I used to tinker in electronics shop and would toy around and build and finish other students failed projects and get them to work. My favorite was “The color organ”. I had my room done up with old x-mas lights and had the color organ hooked to them and would just constantly headband to Ozzy and Motley Crue and KISS to them and they just poured out electrospectrumwaves of color and fun. On the steampunk projects I’ll suggest The Steampunk Headset this is an awesome project for the beginner steampunk hobbyist. Its not too expensive and quite fun to build. so with that and for today I will bid you a good day and hope it’s a good one.



  1. Nabeshin · April 16, 2009

    And you wonder why I don’t play the free %^&*…
    There’s an answer. 😉

    • madarameharunobu · April 16, 2009

      LOL-o-cats! Yea, but trav is one of those games thats cool to play thru once or twice then after that ? Kinda just do it to kill the time and get attention. LOL. I do have ot say on a serious note thought the way she approached and handled the situation was in an extremely poor fashion. There are several different ways she could have handled with grace and poise rather than grunt grunt snarl snarl. am I wrong? I mean the woman acted like she needed a midol for pete sakes.

  2. Nabeshin · April 16, 2009

    She probably did need one. Or needed to get laid. But since she an Xtian, she prolly don’t go fer dat.

  3. madarameharunobu · April 16, 2009

    *Smirks* Yea, I’d more or less would consider the latter. She seemed a bit too uptight and bitter.

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