Oooo Naruto Live Action show at Universal Studios Japan?

I saw this and was like WoW ! I didn’t even know about this and I consider myself a really big otaku. I feel a bit embarrassed in the fact I didn’t know this at all. Well I hope some of you enjoy this as I share with it with you. I got to admit I have to admire the cast. It gives them a pretty cool slot on thier resume/porfolio. I know I’d bust my neck doing some the stunts these talented individuals pull off. So, enjoy thats it for me for today.


Prof. Hawking Hospitalized U.S. trip to AZ, Cancelled

Prof. Hawking

Prof. Hawking

LONDON, England— World renowned Stephen Hawking, the English mathematician and physicist famed for his work on black holes was taken to a hospital Monday and was seriously ill, Cambridge University said. Hawking has been fighting a chest infection for several weeks and was being cared for at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, the University City northeast of London.

Gregory Hayman, the university’s head of communications has stated “Professor Hawking is undergoing tests. He has been under the weather for several weeks as of late.”

Later in the afternoon, Hayman said Hawking was “now comfortable but will be kept in hospital overnight.”
Prof. Hawking was forced to cancel his appearance at Arizona State University which was supposed to be on April 6 2 weeks ago.

Prof. Hawking, age 67, gained recognition on his work on black holes, and has remained quite active despite that fact of having ALS, (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), an incurable degenerative disorder also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease at age the young age of 21.

Hawking was involved in the search for the great goal of physics — a “unified theory” — which would resolve contradictions between Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which describes the laws of gravity that govern the motion of large objects like planets, and the Theory of Quantum Mechanics, which deals with the world of subatomic particles.

He wrote in his best-selling book, “A Brief History of Time,” published in 1988.”A complete, consistent unified theory is only the first step: our goal is a complete understanding of the events around us, and of our own existence,”

In a more accessible sequel “The Universe in a Nutshell,” published in 2001, Prof. Hawking ventured into the conceptual fields of super gravity, raw energy from singularities and the possibility of a universe with 11 dimensions. Holy shades of Buckaroo Banzi!

Prof. Hawking had announced mid 2008, that he would be stepping down as The Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, a title once held by the great 18th-century physicist Isaac Newton. However, Cambridge has said Prof. Hawking intended to cont. working as Emeritus Lucasian Professor of Mathematics.

The Head of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Prof. Peter Haynes, had said “Professor Hawking is a remarkable colleague. We all hope he will be amongst us again soon.

Brian Dickie,The Dir. of research at the Motor Neurone Disease Association, said “Only 5% of people diagnosed with ALS survive for 10 years or longer” Which means another feat even if small in comparison with his achievements for The Good Professor.
I personally pray for his speedy recovery and return to good health. I’d hate to have to hear of his passing as another great mind fades and the brilliance of our race diminishes a little more in to the darkness.