NEW Anime Out Tonight

Skycrawlers From Mamoru Oshi,world-acclaimed director of Ghost in the Shell comes a new award-winning story of an exciting yet endless war with heroes too young to understand the meaning of their battles. The Kildren a group of youthfully fighter pilots with an extended life pattern experience the loss of innocence as the battle for the sky goes onward.

Yuichi the teenage fighter pilot comes to grasps with his memory gap from his childhood, dogfights seem to coexist as a struggle to find the missing parts of his past. When Commander Suito is rather heistant to discuss what happened to the pilot Yuichi is replacing nor the craft’s perfect condition, Yuichi curiosity becomes a hunter for answers. Which is something I will watch again as a matter of fact, Thanks Redbox!

This weekend

Spent mostly dealing with tree trimming and more gardening. Got rid of the evergreen bush that had died 3 yrs ago. Chopped up a ton more of tree trimmings left over from last week’s adventure. transplanted a clinging vine to the backyard in hopes of it growing and spreading like widefire acorss the fence.

The Weekend has been pretty dull so far, not as many calls but the calls are no more smarter than the usual. Tommaorw we’re heading to the cemetary to visit my mother in law’s brother and her father’s site. Maybe we’ll go to lunch afterwards as well. Oh and for those who are big Terminator fans? Those that have read the series DH wise and know the timelines? You may be disappointed, those that are movie fans by themselves? You’ll love it.

I’ll leave this entry with this video.

Sunday Tree work OMG BRANCH!

As the title says, I was working on thinning out and trimming back the tree out front because it was getting to big around the front and tall and closer to the chimmeny barrel than I’d like it to be.

So while doing this I ended up almost taking my arm as I sawed off the one particular large branch and didn’t take inconsideration the angle? It almost took me and the ladder down. I was just lucky to grab the roof when I did.

Afterwards was even better, one the twins was going outside, I hear the door yet she walks back in and I noticed a large cut on her finger a “large” slice is more like it. Being I had to get to work (No I had no choice really) my wife took her to children’s primary and yes as I thought, she needed stitches. If for nothing else to allow the cut to heal itself back closed.

It was indeed quite an eventful weekend.

Educational Voomer brought into Service


This in today’s tech hit of the week. Teacher knows best? Well if that’s the case call Sylia and the Knight Sabers because it seems that Kudan Elementary Education facility has its 1st Voomer Teaching Unit on duty teaching classes. Students at The Kudan elementary school in Tokyo recently received a lesson from Voomer dubbed SAYA on Thursday.

The Voomer, designed by Tokyo University of Science professor Hiroshi Kobayashi, to have a female appearance. She can move its neck and change its facial expressions, such as anger, joy, disgust, happiness, and sadness. Total of 30 moving parts, including her eyes and mouth, and other features show articulation .

The Voomer’s name comes from the Malay word for “I.” In the lesson, SAYA, operated by remote control, greeted the students and asked them, “Do you know what kind of Voomer I am?”

Students were surprised by the Voomer, saying it looked just like a human. Kobayashi said he hopes it will spur students’ interest in science and (IMO) Robotic research.

Kobayashi was quoted as mentioning “I hope the Voomer can be used to continue lessons conveying the fun of science and technology,” and I agree. This is madarame-kun reporting for Voomer Watch.


Well its monday and it seems we have to change schedules again. So it will be friday thursday off now instead of Friday Saturday. The Garden is starting to come along nicely on the weeding. Kids are finally starting to tow the line again in regards to chores as well.

Bathroom toliet seat needed replacing as well, got that done today after finding out it was busted and had to exchange it. My .25 tera drive seems to have an issue 4K of bad sectors? Oo; I might just format the puppy and see if I can’t fix it myself. In related news I’m getting an extra 512 of ram on the laptop and an RJ45 nic pcmi. Since the onboard seems to be dead or locked out. The O/S doesn’t even see it. Also fixing the lcd on it as well. Overall though, UT99 runs great on it, OpenGL is suprisingly smooth running on the laptop.

Going to load up the new Windows 7 RC and see if MS has fixed the soundmax issue or not. I really like it, but I do need to have sound eventually, anyways back to work.

3D Realms burns “EPIC FAILURE” in aftermath of Duke Nukem incident

Due to the recent hit to the stock market & overall funding issues? 3D Realms and Apogee Employees had already been let go. Attempts to establish contact with some of the higher management of said establishment have gone unanswered. Take Two also was unavailable for calls or comments.

As everyone knew and was expecting the forever infamous “Duke Nukem Forever” Title which had been considered vaporware, now holds that title as true. It wasn’t till 2 yrs ago after a small teaser had been released to the public, which had renewed the duke communities and other FPS communities on their ears in excitement and up till Mid Jan of 2009 Mr. George Broussard had boasted about hitting Take two Studios to show off the most recent work.

The 3d realms Studios name was found back as far as 1987 with Duke, which has sadly died with same said title franchise of “Duke Nukem forever” which had been on life support for the last 13 + said yrs. Now will someone take the pennies of the machine? Deep Silver Publications to the rescue.

Ok, seems like the day isn’t a total loss.

I cooked dinner, picked up around the house and got the kids laundry done. Come to work and everyone’s like “You a Blu-ray Madarame-kun!” I was like “no way”, but nonetheless I won an insignia blu-ray dvd player for working on comcast cares day last weekend. SO. it seems ot be a better day than I expected it to be.