GAH! Home repair Insanity!

I swear, wife had the great idea to refinance which is good. From a 30 yr to 20 yr Mortgage and saving $175.00 plus a month. Bad news we have to get the house cleaned up and the things I was going to do over the summer while on my vacations days, just went into effect Friday. Got 2 sets of bedroom door and a 1 set of levor bi-level folding doors for the laundry room and then patching the walls where they needed to be.

Got most of it patched, but there were even some areas that needed a second coat and sanding. Got the doors hung, even with some of the problems I encountered along the way. Like a 30×80 door fitting a 29.7×80 frame. The dude that owned the house before use proved yet again to be an asshat. Who hangs a door frame a quarter of an inch off the normal measurements? Long story short it was a pain, and tomorrow I get to stay home till the guy comes by to take evaluate the house. Wife is currently painting the walls we patched and sanded as well. This should make it interesting to say the least.