Monday blues both at Home and In Comedy

A Slightly rough day for a monday. Started off ok but as it progresed, I just wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep it thru till night. Had to get the floor molding done. Funny thing even after the correct measurements and trims and mounting? The Damn modlding still doesn’t fit as its supposed to. Then the appraiser showed up and evaluated the house. surprised the crud out of me on the amount.

Also my girls are turning 10 today. YAY! Huzzah! Although I am working, I *will* be able to see them at thier party tonight. The party is across the highway from me at the rink we go skating at. The cakes are coming out great as well, looks like minispeakers for a book shelf. They are indeed quite spiffy. Also in lue of the new star trek movie coming out friday, BK has STM Kid Meal toys! YAY! I know where I’m taking my kids for lunch.

Heh, wife thought it was funny that syler is playing spock, and I have to admit I find it funny as well. I expected him to pull out that finger of his and play with kirk’s brain for kicks. Vulcan finger brain poke! XD Anyways, back to the grind and 7.5 hrs to go and counting. Thank god it’s my wensday….

Also this just in as I saw it report 45 mins ago here at comcast. Dom DeLuise, actor, comedian and chef, dies at 75. Agent Robert Malcolm said DeLuise died about 6 p.m. Monday at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. Malcolm said the family did not release the cause of death. Seems it could have been from High Blood pressure or him having diabetes? But living to be 75, shows he did take care of the daibetes.

He is survived by his wife and 3 sons. He will be missed by his fans both cooking and in comedy. Another starlight fades from the night sky, and the world is a bit less funny now. Oh and on a moot note Happy Cinco De Mayo such as it is.