3D Realms burns “EPIC FAILURE” in aftermath of Duke Nukem incident

Due to the recent hit to the stock market & overall funding issues? 3D Realms and Apogee Employees had already been let go. Attempts to establish contact with some of the higher management of said establishment have gone unanswered. Take Two also was unavailable for calls or comments.

As everyone knew and was expecting the forever infamous “Duke Nukem Forever” Title which had been considered vaporware, now holds that title as true. It wasn’t till 2 yrs ago after a small teaser had been released to the public, which had renewed the duke communities and other FPS communities on their ears in excitement and up till Mid Jan of 2009 Mr. George Broussard had boasted about hitting Take two Studios to show off the most recent work.

The 3d realms Studios name was found back as far as 1987 with Duke, which has sadly died with same said title franchise of “Duke Nukem forever” which had been on life support for the last 13 + said yrs. Now will someone take the pennies of the machine? Deep Silver Publications to the rescue.