Well its monday and it seems we have to change schedules again. So it will be friday thursday off now instead of Friday Saturday. The Garden is starting to come along nicely on the weeding. Kids are finally starting to tow the line again in regards to chores as well.

Bathroom toliet seat needed replacing as well, got that done today after finding out it was busted and had to exchange it. My .25 tera drive seems to have an issue 4K of bad sectors? Oo; I might just format the puppy and see if I can’t fix it myself. In related news I’m getting an extra 512 of ram on the laptop and an RJ45 nic pcmi. Since the onboard seems to be dead or locked out. The O/S doesn’t even see it. Also fixing the lcd on it as well. Overall though, UT99 runs great on it, OpenGL is suprisingly smooth running on the laptop.

Going to load up the new Windows 7 RC and see if MS has fixed the soundmax issue or not. I really like it, but I do need to have sound eventually, anyways back to work.