Educational Voomer brought into Service


This in today’s tech hit of the week. Teacher knows best? Well if that’s the case call Sylia and the Knight Sabers because it seems that Kudan Elementary Education facility has its 1st Voomer Teaching Unit on duty teaching classes. Students at The Kudan elementary school in Tokyo recently received a lesson from Voomer dubbed SAYA on Thursday.

The Voomer, designed by Tokyo University of Science professor Hiroshi Kobayashi, to have a female appearance. She can move its neck and change its facial expressions, such as anger, joy, disgust, happiness, and sadness. Total of 30 moving parts, including her eyes and mouth, and other features show articulation .

The Voomer’s name comes from the Malay word for “I.” In the lesson, SAYA, operated by remote control, greeted the students and asked them, “Do you know what kind of Voomer I am?”

Students were surprised by the Voomer, saying it looked just like a human. Kobayashi said he hopes it will spur students’ interest in science and (IMO) Robotic research.

Kobayashi was quoted as mentioning “I hope the Voomer can be used to continue lessons conveying the fun of science and technology,” and I agree. This is madarame-kun reporting for Voomer Watch.