Sunday Tree work OMG BRANCH!

As the title says, I was working on thinning out and trimming back the tree out front because it was getting to big around the front and tall and closer to the chimmeny barrel than I’d like it to be.

So while doing this I ended up almost taking my arm as I sawed off the one particular large branch and didn’t take inconsideration the angle? It almost took me and the ladder down. I was just lucky to grab the roof when I did.

Afterwards was even better, one the twins was going outside, I hear the door yet she walks back in and I noticed a large cut on her finger a “large” slice is more like it. Being I had to get to work (No I had no choice really) my wife took her to children’s primary and yes as I thought, she needed stitches. If for nothing else to allow the cut to heal itself back closed.

It was indeed quite an eventful weekend.