WHAT A PISSER OF A DAY! And this is all before work. I have a friend albeit she’s an online contact but still regardless, if a person considers them a friend they should stand by that and support them, not tear them down. This has happened to said friend several times. Why because the offending parties are allowed to get away with it. It’s been that way for quite awhile, why they are allowed to do so is beyond me. But to my friend if they post up there expect to don the Kevlar flak jacket because the community gallery of asshats and tea baggers are going to be on you like flies on shit. Not because the work is crap, nay, it’s more of the fact that said friend has been there forever the community fucktwits know how to push her buttons and do so with much robustful glee and joy to watch them stress and feel even more less than themselves than they already do.

Why do they stick around? I have no idea. They said because they’re like family. WTF Type of family treats their other members like shit and tears them down and ruins their self-worth and esteem? Pretty fucked up family of inbred rednecks in my humble opinion. So whereas the friend needs to place on the flak jacket, others just need not post rude and outright degrading based posts in said conversations/threads. It’s surprising they have stayed at the community they have been at for the length of time they have been there. I left last yr because I was done dealing with their village asshats and validating them and allowing them to drag me down to their level. But to my friend, I think they need to leave and take a sabbatical away from said community and stick with their DA and LJ accounts for awhile maybe a yr or even longer. If said people from community value them as their friend? They’ll stay in contact with them thru those avenues of communication or even the IM service they use. Why am I so angst about this? Because I hear about it from time to time and I always have my ear to the usb grape flavored vine. Plus it pisses me off they pick on them because they know how to hit the buttons.

It’s not like they can’t just sign up at my own forums and start new and well semi fresh there? They could but it’s a matter of wanting to and being able to gather the strength up to say enough and just be able to do it if not for me for their own self worth and value. Oh and as far as the HDD loss goes? Well yea, I’m pretty pissed but I’m recovering my Steam games and such while working. That and I were able to get the other sata drive to finally be seen and formatted properly as well. So it’s not SO bad. But I did lose the model I was working on. I was trying my hand at a Fictional “Army of Two” Character I had sketched out and scanned in. Bad news for me because one of our lovely cats had well coughed something up that involved grass on the sketch after I scanned it to my hdd and my Maya 8.5 was also installed on that same drive as well. -Sigh-………



  1. nameless one · June 10, 2009

    /me pats Leon on the head.

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