Kids and germs what ya gonna do?

Seems like our youngest has caught a cold/flu (we hope its just that). Also today is the day we go from analog to digital. No, sorry to some of you My tv card is still in operational order. Today was also the last day of school for the twins. Although, like I said our youngest caught a bug and she stayed at home, and missed out although her sister “did” get a new soccer ball for having perfect attendace for the 4 yr in a row now.

Oh, the team has a new coder as well. I’m in contact with him updating him to the latest news and progress the team has so far map wise. Also for UT3 this coming week we should have a demo of an imported vehicle which should be a decent fighting oppentant against the necris’s deathwalkers. TWD is doing the awesome work on that one, and should prove to be an interesting beta test.

Got into TF2 been playing with HazelH and beleive it or not Anathema as well which was quite surpising for me. She does take a good beating and dishes it out as well. I do hope to play with Anathema more since it is fun to team up with her. Anyways, I have to jet and get things ready for tonite. Having a celebration of no more school time and since we can’t really go out to eat this time? We’re fixing the dinner and grabbing a few dvds for the night’s entertainment extravaganza! Woohoo till later peeps.

Oh and Mcclaud had a had son this week go send some congrats to him and his on thier bundle of joy names “laim” (Short ver.) Congrats guy…….