Days off are nice

No, really they are. No work, time to spend with kids on summer vacation. Able to take them to the library, enjoy some reading time with them. Pick up some of the rooms in the house. Cleaned out the dishwasher again, if they would just wipe and clean the plates afterwards.

TF2 is indeed quite fun I like the Towlie server, seems to be a decent bunch of people on there. Mim’s always busy though when I ask her to play maybe I should just take the hint as its implied. But overall the setup was pretty cool updating took nothing and the voip is pretty sweet.

Even talked to a friend of mine during a match in iceland of all places. So the framework they built this one is pretty cool for voice, I was pleasantly suprised. Although I like the game I just don’t see as many of my friends on them as much as I’d like to and it would really be fun to even have the OFC jump in and play as well. But then again I really don’t hear much from them either nowdays.