*Sigh* Yes sigh -again-

Seems someone at work f-bomb’ed up and now all laptop usage is banned from the floor because some asshat thought it would be cute to try to hack the database. Seriously what type of mental defiencey does one need to pull off some stupid assinine stunt and ruin it for everyone? Don’t know but I seriously hope work does prosecute the little turd burgler for ruining it for everyone else.

Also, AA 3 is out, seems cool enough, but I’m goign to stick to my TF2 and AFB + BuF. It’s safe, I don’t have to deal with dillholes I know, and I can invite Mim anytime I see her on steam. More art to come soon, TWD from BuF will have something for me to surpise the anime UT3 players out there with something uber cool. Tommarow is father’s day, and I am going to sleep.