Wow, I thought today might be a bummed ass day. WRONG, seems someone posted up a spiffy new usb scanner and wanted to get rid of it because it didn’t have its software with it. Well, after replying and picking it up I found the cd inside the lid of the *sealed* scanner bag/package. GO Figure, I priced it out at HP? A Nice 80$ usb scanner with a slides / photonegative adapter to go with it. I might turn around and resell it since I got it for free. Not my fault the person was just -that- stupid.

TF2, pretty cool game some people however just need not to read into someone too much regardless of past history. A game is a game, prime example, on server that I’ve been freq’ing a bit as of late. Come to realize it’s a server favored by a number of people I tended to stay away from on one particular community. Now mind you, I didn’t even realize it till I saw one particular name on steam thru a friend’s profile. On a whim I said “Oh my are there some bob’s in this house?” and the “1st” thing said was “Yea, —— there are a number of us on here you loser”.

Now all kidding aside and yes I know it’s a game. Is that really how a person should react especially a woman? I mean honestly, next to the fact that they know me from some web/forum I had freq’ed in the past. Is that any reason to act like I don’t know “13” instead of how old she really is? Yea the intrawebz r s3r1ou5 business, but please… it’s just a game and if you can’t get over one person playing on the same server as you? Then you have problems. Oh and FYI some people just leave a server in mid-0game due to having to pick up their kids from camp (You know who you are) there was no midgame ragegamequit storm involved. Remember it’s a “-=game=-” people get pissed in game but really there is no real reason no excuse for acting like an ass on the server. Also if you don’t like a particular player? You *can* always mute them from your settings as well.

Oh laptops are allowed back at work HUZZAH! So now I can get back to im’ing from meebo to home, sweet! Anyways, that’s it for now. 4 hrs left till home and back to TF2 for at least an hour to wind down. Till then, frag you later…….