Michael Jackson dead…..k

Michael Jackson dead due to cardiac arrest. World goes nuts, as *usual* because OMG he’s the so called king of pop. *Shrugs* I lost respect for the guy a long time ago he attempted to buy the remains of Joseph Carey Merrick otherwise known as the elephant man. Don’t take it this as a hate a post, I just lost respect for him because of that stunt. I think The British College of Medicine is also wrong in keeping the remains as well. The remains should have been placed to rest at the time of his demise. But back to topic, yes he was a great entertainer but there has just been a lot of stunts and actions this man has pulled in his life and now that will all be over looked because… he’s dead. Fine boo hoo…..

I didn’t see many people crying over David carradine when he passed on earlier this month. Also Farrah Fawcett dead as well, the world goes nuts (men mostly) I have to admit she was a great actress and will be sorely missed. Having been in some great movies as well as TV such as Saturn 3, Charlie’s Angels, Silk Hope and such. Ed McMahon also dead as well, thats 4 Famous Celebrities that have dead this month alone. A lot of work for the grim reaper this month it seems. Lets hope he doesn’t pass our house this year. Anyways, that’s all I have for now. Comments, you know where to post em.