4th of July aftermath

Which was cool enough. The Vacation wasn’t as bad as all that and a bag of chips. Pics will be on my f/b and my m/s albums (Friends only sorry.) The trip to cherry hill was a pity because we only got 4 hours of waterpark time before a thunderhead did appear and we scrambled to set up the campsite in record time actually.

Tried to drive by My wife’s uncle’s house but they weren’t home left a note stating we did try though. Went to iggy’s afterwards and had lunch. Thier Calazone are great. Had a strawberry lemonade as well which is rare nowdays since I usually just order water. 4th of July was great our youngest (10) is still a little gun shy about fireworks but her sister (10) was having a blast
with it. Overall we got do the fair, the movie in the park and the 4th of July fireworks all in one night.

However it seemed like my oldest has gone on the emo side of things finally. We get ready to go to the park last night and all she wants to do is be on the pc, which I don’t mind normally, but on a holiday? Sorry, family is family and you do your best to put up with things as they come along even if you don’t like it. You do what you can for family even if you don’t like them. You do love them and do anything in world for them. Anyways thats all I guess for now ending my vacation and starting back up on the daily grind of tech support.