Antarctic-Press Yahoo Group “REINSTATED”

Seems that yahoo support finally saw the group’s status and how much porn and crap and junk there was on it. Mr. Richards, the founder of the group has been recently reinstated to his fomer postion and power. Being someone who did follow and petition the Yahoo Cust Srv and Abuse Division explaing the issues that were being caused and the impact of the links and verbage that were posted on there. I know kids know what google is and such and that anyone with a brain cel can search stuff. But that does not mean we should allow spambots and idiots who work for some company to spam groups and blogs with thier garbage and idiocity.

Mr. Richards saw fit in what I was trying to do and has appointed me a position in where now the group is not just Moderated by him alone. Nay, and LO the heavens parted and bestowed upon me was the position of Moderator as well for the group, in which I have immediately taken all spam and removed the offesive posts and banned thier users accounts from the group as well. is also a group I would also highly recommend as well. being a group of well rounded otaku enriched with manga and anime knowledge not just in A/P but in all senses of anime and manga. It’s also been known to have Ben Dunn and Fred Perry grace the group with thier presense from time to time on rare occasions.