Oo; Odd day

Smeggin hell, BOLLOCKS to video inverters. This has got to be either cords or soemthing odd with the case. Mainly because the video goes out on the laptop. I’ve gone thru 2 inverters on this Compaq Evo N800c unit. I love the little critter but dang it I want the thing to boot properly and with video.

Other than that, worked on the dishwasher again. Got the dishes taken care of and even did laundry and the repairs on my “Chainsaw Bob” t-shirt a artist/creator gave me back at the “94” comicon, glows in the dark and everything.

I might post it up tonite later on. In regards to a friend that lurks but “she” rarely leaves her name on here. I have a video/musical muse for you to be inspired with, or at least that is my intent.

I hope you enjoy it and allows you to find some of that creative mojo you have hidden again in there somewhere……