Slumps and bumps

Drawing slump, but its ok I’ve recently got some manga and american G/N’s to help stimulate the cortext of art. I’ve decided to check out I otaku again just because its is just that funny. That and SumomomoMomomo by Yen press, which is suprisingly funny. I’m actually finding myself searching the local library for Vol 2. so I can keep up with it. Might even try to do a strip of two with TF2 related stuff.

Speaking of which towlies smokeshack for TF2 is hilarous. You log in and its almost a nonstop troll-o-thon. Then again this is where I know some people from a certain community hang out and play on too. So I guess I have become accustomed to it. Doesn’t make it right though, I know there kids on there 11, 16 yrs of age and they have worse mouths than some military staff I know. Talk about some foul langauage, and you have stop and think about it?

Do they get it from thier enviroment, thier parents, thier peers? I mean seriously I doubt it comes from “just” gaming. But still and even then you have to ask or get down to thier level to make them understand “HEY SMACKTARD Jr. ! YOU LOOK LIKE A JERK STFU”. It just gets irritating plain and simple and now that I am off work I’m going home to listen to trolls and to shoot them profusly dead dead dead…….