Games Video and Swapmeets and Harry Potter

Ok, as the title says Video Games. Me and Ronda decided to hit the event one of our fave grocery stores was having today for lunch for the kids. Well, at the same time in the same parking lot, a community swapmeet was going down and we had to hit it.

You can never tell what type of treasures you’ll find during a swapmeet. Prime example, I found a registerable edition of FEAR game for 2 bucks that and then later on and I am so happy about this one. I now have -every- “PC” Edition of the unreal series including UT2003 now. Seems the guy that had the old LAN Gaming store by our house had his wife there to sell the games he had used for his store. He wanted 10$ for the game used and in a semi ok box condition. I decided to go home come back with 4$ had her call him and I spoke with him on a gamer to gamer level. needless to say I have it and he has 4$. Overall this is turning out to be an ok day afterall.

Last night saw Harry Potter and well I will not ruin it for anyone else. I will just say I was personally disappointed being someone that read the books and such. There are just well I that is to say, to paraphrase …..OH BUGGERS ! I can’t say anymore than I was disappointed. Although those who are just following the movies and NOT reading the books will more or less enjpy the movie just fine.