Artists, of Men and elves and SCIENCE!

Sircrazlot/Bev is a good friend of mine and an artist of extreme talent. I’m hoping to see her hit it big somehwere with her stories and universe she’s created. She’s got some very unique characters created and a humorous outlook for them as well. But she also has some well rounded and smart types as well. If you’re looking for someone to do a commision? She is definitely one person to consider for the job.

I am also involved with Global Agenda in hopes of also playing such a kick ass mmo3rdps. Rumored to be the Huxely killer and I can see it doing that if the trailers/teasers and artwork are true to thier style and art. I am uber excited to have a possiblity to take place in this beta.

Oh so in India as I speak The longest Solar eclipse for the 21st century starts. Taregna India is where everyone is meeting at to view this event. Also this will move north and east from india to nepal cand china BUT the scientific community says Taregna is the place to have the cleaest view if not for the onset of the monsoon season for that area of the country.

So much stuff going on in the world it just boogles the mind.



  1. Spanky · July 26, 2009

    Hey MH/LM, Comicon report here. Eleanor Frazetta passed on seems cancer was the culprit in this death. Casey jones was there too in the artist alley WOOHOO! He does such a hawt canery. Anyways mang, I knew you used ot love coming here, thought I’d drop you a line and if I can I’ll send you some pics from the dealer room. OH Before I forget DogSupreme says hello from the AP Booth. TTYL mang!

  2. madarameharunobu · July 26, 2009

    Heh, thanks for the grain of salt in the wound bubba. I prefer Ben Dunn and Jim Lee’s work overall. But yea CJ does do some excellent female artwork. That bit on Mr. Frazetta’s wife is news to me though wow. I met her once at the “93” con and she was really cool and laid back with yet a air of “seriousness” about her. As far as pictures goes Oh hell yea post em up. I can’t wait to see what you and robert were to get snap shots of.

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