Manga and The Weekend

Good evening everyone,

Today on Aug 1st The German Dictator Hilter attempted to use the 1944 Olympics to show the world germany’s master race. However at the 1936 Berlin, Germany Olympic Games Jesse Owen wins the 100 meters mens final. Also My HDD Died and I spent a good portion reinstalling the os and renewing life to my pc.

Brandon/Vailias is also almost on his way to california, but not before sending me his old hardware first. Which I will use very soon as it is as I am rebuilding a Dell 600 to a decent little school work machine for my oldest. One the better birthday presents I’ll get I can tell you. Also Mcclaud turns 30+ Something as well being one of my archnemises I will wish him a a pleasant birthday.

My kids get to go to my work party at the local zoo after my wfe and oldest enjoyed their day at Seven peaks Water Park with her GS Troop. Wife is exhausted and didn’t even want to talk. It seems it might be from being so tired from both events.
I was just happy to get some the kids clothes washed and books returned and errands needing to be done.

Tommarow I continue to clean the garage and get the much needed crap removed so I can get things hung and stored away properly and be able to drive at least 1 car ito the garage for safe keeping and better organization. I might even be able to get a PC set up out there too? Maybe……..

Also though I just got done reading vols. 1 thru 5 of Megatokyo and I have to admit I found not as painful as reading Penny Arcade, in fact I found it very whimsical and yet L33+ in the a\/\/350me-n3ss of the plot btw the guys and the people they meet. I found Junpei to be quite the interesting support character myself. However I think and it’s only my opinion that the characters and such do somehow not just reflects the creators presonalities but a little bit of oursleves as well as we read into the story itself.