15th Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Hello and Greetings,

Yes, I am in unusually happy spirits. Why do you ask? Well, I am married 15 glorious yrs to my loving wife who has stood by me thru the worst of everything. She asks for so little and I feel shameful that I don’t think I do enough for her or our children. I know I might be feeling a little sorry for myself but I realize I’m going to be 43 in the next 2 weeks and I should be higher up on the employment food chain at work. So I have decided to buckle down a little more and study the material I need to get better for myself and my family.

But back to the trip, I have to say Logan is supposedly a small town. Wrong maybe compared to Salt Lake City it might be small. But at the same time this small city has a lot to offer in robust historical value. We stayed at the Logan anniversary in and chose the la hacienda theme suite. Let me say that it rocked, plain and simple.

The Décor alone made the price worth it. The jetted tub was great, has some spectacular speed features on the jets and the tub itself is lit as well. It’s like sitting in an aquatic disco. The room also had a full room shower stall with 4 way streams and an overhead as well. Reminded me of a decontamination room in a sense. The center of the room has a pseudo fountain in the middle and the suite itself has this kind of open ante room as well.

The left hand corner of the suite even had a hammock hooked up. The Bed and Dual TV setup was excellent. Overall if I live to see our 25th anniversary? I’m taking her back to the anniversary inn and checking out another theme as well because this one was super cool and if all the rooms were like the one we were in? Oh yea, it should be some serious fun.

Anyways, back to work for me, for those that read this and know where I hang out at from time to time net side and check out the pictures from the trip. But you have to be on the friends section to see them. Sorry, but I have had dinks go trolling before and I’m not going let that happen again.



  1. Mandi · August 12, 2009

    Congratulations … if a bit late!

  2. madarameharunobu · August 12, 2009

    N/P Thank you for the well wishs. I’d share some of the pics but they’re on Myspace and friends only. I know how much you hate myspace though.

  3. Mandi · August 13, 2009

    myspace and it’s ilk are devils in disguise!

  4. madarameharunobu · August 14, 2009

    No I understand, that why I might upload it to my facebook. …..maybe.

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