Actress/Idol Noriko Sakai Arrested on Drug Charges?!

38 yr old Actress and Idol Singer Noriko Sakai arrested and booked into a police facility after turning herself in on drug charges on Saturday evening. She had been missing since Monday. Her Husband known and semi famous Pro Surfer Yuichi Takaso was also taken in on possession of illegal stimulants which have not been revealed as of yet. Seems after search of their residence authorities say she was a consistent user after DNA Results of her saliva was found on a straw.

Their son has also seemed to have been the care of a friend of Ms. Sakai in the Yamanashi prefecture. Who will be taking care of him in the interim it seems. As to her career as a singer and creating hit songs from a number of anime series such as Gunbuster aim for the top, Video Girl Ai-Chan! She also had roles in several movies such as the grudge II and also did the narration of Pokémon Short “Pikachu meets Pichu” no follow up news as of yet.



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      I usually update 5x a month depending on whats up and how much time I have.

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