The diet and this week’s fun report.

SO, where do I start? Ok I know, week’s started out ok and seems to be going ok not great but ok. By helping support my wife with her changing of eating habits cycle program. So this is week 2 and I am still eating nothing but vegetables, chicken, turkey and fish. To be honest, it drives me nuts, but it is starting to show however. My face has slimmed down slightly; people have already mentioned me losing weight.

Bryan has started working on the monorail system full tilt now this week and should have something to show by the end of the month. Got a District 9 “No aliens Allowed” sign from the local Cinemark theater and I am going to build a small frame for it once I get some pane clear plastic available for mounting it and smoothing it out some. Then I’ll hang it up on the office wall. Also will finally be able to frame and hang my UT3 promotional design.

Next week 43 yrs old, man I don’t feel it I still want to hang at the conventions with my buds from home, take my oldest along so she can experience the feel and low of the otaku ways, like her father. Caught her watching all the episodes of Ouran host club and couldn’t help but just sit and watch it with her and laugh at the antics. It was a fun time.

I also got the Punisher PC case working again. Seems that 80mm fan finally burnt out and I bought a replacement and after that the faceplate works again in full action strobe as well. I also didn’t have to buy a new hard drive for it as well. I put the old one back in and decided to try to do a last working configuration option again? It went straight to windows remarkably and I didn’t have do much save for using the disc cleanup utility and the defrag mention. Just wished I could set the tower up in a better position than it is in now. Oh well back to work for me.



  1. Sun-Gohan · August 17, 2009

    Hey buddy, how you been? Things are pretty cool out here, save for that storm we got incoming. Already got the plywood in the garage ready to board up the place if need be. SO don;t worry so much this time ok? We promise ot call if anything serious happens.

    How’s the project coming along? I heard your friend Miguel has come back from iraq. Is this the same guy that did the BGC characters for the project right? I know the crap you guys went thru after the computer issues you two had. Is he coming back on? Let me know if you need some help? I might be able ot lend a hand time permitting. you know the mouse thinks lol. TTYS Haus……

  2. madarameharunobu · August 17, 2009

    Dani! Yes I was worried about you and the gang out there. Good on the lumber, makes it easier to get things bolted in and battened down for the storm. So I will be a little less worried knowing that thank you.

    As far as Miguel goes? I don’t know what to think girl? He disappears no word, comes back no word. Yea I guess I’m gla for him to be able to come back more or less unharmed. But on the same term I’m pretty perturbed that he didn’t bother sending an email saying he was back.

    Especially after I dug and searched for the models he did send me and had back ups of and sent them to him while he was gone for his portfolio. I feel like I’ve been smacked in the face not just a standard but the type you’d get from your spouse when you’ve pissed them off to near the “out of this house” type of smack in the face.

    So at this point I don’t know if I should yank the pics down and say oh well and get a new modeler for the characters or not? I’m almost tempted to ask Jadzia to see if her brother might lend a hand during his recovery time. He works as a modeler on a prof. level for a pair of undisclosed production houses in Europe.

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