Labor day Weekend

Which I will not be enjoying as much. I will be more or less at work manning part of the helm. Great thing about it is, I get paid 2.5 Days or 1 day of work. I don’t mind so much but I do like my family time and spending a few hrs playing video games with the pack.

I’ll more or less grill something with the family on Monday for lunch and then head to work to enjoy what I hope will be a lazy semi no call day. Oh, I forgot to mention. I picked up Medal of Honor “Airborne”, Aliens VS Predator Gold edition and C&C Red Alert + Aftermath pack all for a whole 6.50$ and The MoH Airborne HAS its DVD key with it still YAY me! and SCORE.

So, I’m installing and updating the crud of MoH atm. Will have ti give it a good go at it. I do like warfare games indeed. C&C I’m going to maybe install that on a 2K box I am building now. Have something my daughter and I can play together. Anyways, I’m out for now peeps. Leave a message at the sound of the beep. Oh snap there is no sound so, you’ll just have to post a reply.




  1. Erik · September 4, 2009

    Ok, well look, don’t let things get you down. You know what I am talking about on the discussion we had this morning. You need to let things go at some point. I know you’ve gotten better since H.S. but you always have held onto a grudge for lengths of time. Are those people worth it? Are they worth being mad at? You’re not lashing out in real life that’s true but you’re still harboring ill will to wards people that don’t give a rat’s ass if you live or die. Sounds a bit rough? It’s true but the seriousness of it however is to ignore them, not pay attention to them or give them any reason to use anything against you or use you as an example in a derogatory way or form. You didn’t choose the right type of communities in the past it seems. But your own little community isn’t doing too much either. If they care they will post. If not chalk it up as a bad choice of allowance in who you allow into your life.

  2. madarameharunobu · September 4, 2009

    I’m not letting anything get me down. I know who I am and I’m fine with it. It’s others that can’t accept me for being myself and not some fake persona on the net.

    I have also tried to just ignore them but every once and a blue moon, it’s funny to go lurking on there see what if anything has improved or if there were any new n00bs on the boards yet.

    Choosing communities yea, I guess you are correct on that mark. I do choose poorly at times when it comes to stuff like that. But sticking with FB or MS or LS or just here seems to be ok because at least here you can control your environment.

    Look the intention is good, I appreciate the concern. I’m not going to do something rash or stupid. I’m old enough to know way much better than to pull something like that anyway. I’m heading to piano lessons I have 25 mins to get them up there and to help my mother in law with finishing the Basement at her House.

    See ya later alligator.

  3. nameless wonder · September 7, 2009

    I have yet to see you in Champions, I think I may be too far ahead of you now with my main. You may be stuck with one of my alts.

  4. madarameharunobu · September 7, 2009

    I have yet to play on a regular basis. You have not been in IRC either when I have had time, then someone needs help with something and I am pulled into helping them out for a bit and by then ……well the body needs sleep at some point.

    Besides I had to at least be polite enough for a certain someone to show up over the holiday weekend ot play some UT2k4 and guess what much to my dismay and as I expected, pulled yet another no show. So, during part of this weekend I wasted on waiting for said person to show up or email stating why they couldn’t play.

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